Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Facebook Father's Day...

A Facebook's Lemming-ista's approach to a holiday.

Step One:.
days ahead, begin searching for the perfect meme.
whether it's father/son silhouetted as they are finishing in the sunset, a caption reading "my father didn't just give me the fish, he TAUGHT me how to fish"

Post songs about father's daddy's, papa's.. oh the ever popular "oh Danny boy"...
 and signed:  "with love,  your loving daughter/son".

how about...
giving them the heavenly shout out?
"hey pops, hope you are drinking a Guinness and yelling at the TV up there in heaven"

or take pictures of tombstones.

post pictures of your dad as a young man with sepia toned hues and the "jaggedly frame" only the perfect "instagrammer" could do.

Pin it to Pinterest.

'cause by and large I promise after the heavenly shout outs, pictures, memes and reminiscently:
"I remember my dad one day a year" posts, you will also see...
"I am the father/mother".
"My kids never had a male figure in their lives, a father is no more than a sperm donor, and ours was never a dad".

It is so funny, because at the end of the day, how has spending 5 minutes (for me, can't fathom much more) or 10, 20 an hour reading, writing, liking..
really showing your father how much you love him?

I have always been upset with the ingratitude I seem to witness. All around. Even before Jolie got sick, I was brought up that every day you should love your parents, not just on man made holidays. The only gifts my dad got from us growing up were the ones that we made in school.

Now, later on in life and because I know I will truly miss him "after" if you know what I mean, everyday is important.
everyday we love.

everyday we laugh.
or try.
that's why I can't wait until one day when I have a family of my own. A husband, a couple of dogs and yes children, cause I see it clear as day, I will raise my little ones up to love, love, love their daddy oh so much like their mommy does everyday. they will feel a family love every day.

and so it is.