Monday, April 8, 2013

"How to take the "mundane" out of "Mundays"

There have been many a song written about the highs and lows of Mondays. Monday Monday (the mama's and the papas, also known as the "Ba da, ba da da da song" as they seem to sing this refrain, more than actual lyrics, but yet the song can still painfully remind us that "every other day of the week is fine, fine, yeah!")  or what about (just another) Manic Monday (those perky, perky Bangles girls, who seem to enjoy reminding us that just when something really delicious is about to happen, you are going to realize that for one thing it's only a dream and second, don't get to used to it, cause you aren't going to be able to enjoy it. They  even allude to the fact that it's 6 am and they are having a "naughty" dream about Valentino, but best not to get too into it, cause you have to get up and get to work because if you don't, you will be fired. I don't' know about you, but I have yet to have a "naughty dream" at 6 am, moments before the alarm is set to go off.) Then you have one of my favorite Mondays suck songs by the Boomtown Rats who remind us why as they sing "I don't like Mondays". I could go on, but by now I think you see where I am heading. For so many Monday is the day of the suckubus. But it doesn't have to be.

In a little brewery near Main Street in Gaithersburg, on the third level, (referred to as "the loft"by management) is a cozy, comfy little place that is sure to make Monday a little less Mondayish and a little more fun. Growler's located at 227 East Diamond Street in Gaithersburg, MD .  Growler's  offers food, fun, friendship and even a bit of fame for some.  For on Monday nights you can join two of the members of the fantastically talented  Lloyd Dobbler Effect Band Chris Bruno and Phillip Kominski (both dear friends of the author) for Acoustic Karaoke!

As a professional performer, I thought I had heard/seen it all and quite frankly the idea of the inebriated putting their "own special spin" on Bonnie Raitt's "I can't make you love me" or "867-5309/Jenny I got your number" is akin to being back in school and having to endure an uncomfortably long lecture recited by a well meaning professor who can't seem to be able to write anything on the chalkboard without squeaking the chalk. But ACOUSTIC KARAOKE is different!

Acoustic Karoake works like this:
Phil and Chris come around to all of the tables, introducing themselves, making you feel like you are hanging out with a couple of your buddies as they give you little forms to fill out and place in the Karaoke Pumpkin.  Then while you are experiencing some of the BEST pub food ever... (I mean their sweet potato fries and Nomstastic, you can order a "flight of beer" where you can chose 8 or so in these little glasses that resemble thick test tubes and arrive in a wooden wagon wheel looking frame, or get a hot cup of coffee and some ice cream) Chris and Phil start off the evening with a few jokes and conversation with the crowd and then sing some of their originals and covers that are performed like originals. What is great about them is that they keep even their own songs fresh by doing them differently and will switch it up, often.  When they call you up, they will bring up the lyrics to your song on a laptop and tab charts for them on their iPhones which are attached to their mic stands.  They will even sing back up with you, and even if needed, seamlessly adjust tempo and key whenever possible to make everyone shine.

There are incredible regulars like Captain Amazing who performs his original free verse slamtastic poems followed by a rousing rendition of Bubbles hit tune "Liquor and Whores." Also the very funny and  beautiful "Mermaid" also known as " Aunt Ta-Ta" who sings a version of "D'yer Maker" so sexy you would swear that a present day Marilyn Monroe was in the house. (ofcourse the mermaid has long deep blonde hair that is almost down to her knees she is a pretty well known swim coach in the Montgomery County area and the older sister of Phil Kominski. I have been known to sing a song or three in an evening and "the boys" know me so well that we can riff, harmonize, break and key change like we have been singing together forever. 

The people are great. I can say that part of the close to 2200 Facebook friends of mine are people I met at Growler's on a "Munday" Night, and I have affectionately termed them "MY TRIBE" to which they all now refer to themselves as and have in turn not only brought in new "tribesmen" but have forged friendships with others as a result. This is definitely one of these joints where you can feel perfectly comfortable going to alone, sitting by the bar, or even at a table, eating dinner, straight from the gym, work, or home. The staff is friendly, fast, efficient and really, really know their stuff.

You don't have to have a lot of MONey
Or feel that everything is always the same or Mondane
You won't see anyone MONopolize the Mic.

Just a bunch of people, hanging out, starting the week off, making it a little more fun, a little more tasty and a little more special..

PS.. oh by the way, the fame part? My tribe has told me and I have experienced it at places like Panera (where Panerea Sarah is now entered the fold) recognized me and even remembered what songs I sang) other people I didn't even see/talk to because they were seated around the bar, in the dark, not ready to sing.. yet.

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